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How to Up Your Dating Game

When we get that date we have secretly been hoping for, we want to make the best impression we can while being our most fabulous selves.

We may be nervous or not feeling as confident as we could be and I have a way to combat these challenges by making yourself feel as comfortable and confident as possible before the big day.

First piece of advice is....DON'T make it such a BIG Day.

We all know women are a bit choosier than men. We are instinctively looking for Mr. Right.

Men are more focused on who is in front of them and tend to not put too much pressure on the first date.Women tend to get carried away a little when it comes to imagining where things could go after the first date.This puts so much pressure on the both of you, it could affect the date even though you don't mean it to.

The point of a date is go out and have fun together. Think of it as two friends meeting to have a good time and don't create high expectations of your suitor. This way they will not be able to disappoint you. By not putting any pressure on the date, you will be able to feel more confident and more able to be yourself without trying to be someone who could see marriage with you in the future.

Second, dress up! Feel pretty and flaunt those curves.

Having pride in one's appearance will say to the other person that you care about yourself and looking good = feeling good.

If you ever need a pick me up, get fancy!

Third, be yourself first.

I have known women who have feigned interest in something to entice a man to like them. I have done this myself when I was younger. It's easy to say 'yeah, sure, I like NASCAR' but what happens when he expects you to sit down for a four hour race every Sunday?

Having your own interests and your own mind is always more attractive to another person, rather than trying to be interested in every subject they're into. Eventually, it will come out and you will end up looking a bit desperate.

Which brings me to the fourth piece of advice....DON'T look desperate. BE independent.

This goes for both men and women. There is nothing more of a turn off than the air of desperation. It distinctly lets the other person know that it doesn't matter who they are, you just need someone to fill the big void that is missing in your life.

Independence and security in life will let the other person know that you don't NEED them to like you, that you are fine on your own and that this is only going to work if you are attracted to one another and compatible, that you won't put up with just any behaviour.

Fifth, Laugh.

No, not like an insane person at every single thing he says but don't be afraid to laugh and have fun.

The point of a date is to have fun, to let loose, and men find it very attractive when women find them funny.

Sixth, make physical contact.

It doesn't have to be whole body contact.

Just arm touching or brushing up against his shoulder or touching his hand, holding hands, a goodnight kiss. All of these things are are excellent ways to make a connection and he will eat it up!

Men like women who are easy-going, independent, and treat them like they matter. They appreciate a woman who is free to be herself and not overbearing and demanding.

Who does like that anyway? I suppose there are some...

I have one more trick to make a connection with someone easily. It's called mirroring and it's a good way to create an environment of trust, it's not something that can guarantee a life long connection but it could help on a first date.

Basically, you just mirror the other person, their facial expressions, their body language, their tone of voice, etc. If they lean forward, you lean forward. If they lay their chin on their hand, you do it as well. If they smile, you smile. Easy. You don't have to be creepy about it. Just do it naturally.

Normally, when two people are feeling connected, they do this automatically anyway.

Next time you're hanging out with your best friend, notice how you mirror each other during your conversation.

Hope you have the most fabulous dating experiences after reading this!

Let me know how it goes by commenting!

Take care of yourselves.



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