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The Truth About Habits

Habits or our routine are what make up the majority of our lives. They can make or break us. They can push us forward or hold us back. They can give us energy or they can make us sluggish for the day.

The little habits that we perform everyday are the building blocks of our futures but we spend very little time thinking about them, adding them or eliminating them from our days.

We may think of our habits as the things that have been ingrained in us from a young age by our parents. This is true, up to a point.

They taught us when to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, when to shower or bathe, when to brush our teeth, when to get our homework done, etc.

Most parents try to instill in their children a sense of routine and create good habits early on in life; however, some parents don't have the tools to instill the same habits and routines because they weren't taught growing up. We can only teach what we know.

However; we grow and become adults who are in charge of their own lives.

I'm sure everyone can relate to when they first got a taste of freedom when they moved out of their parents house. Habits change then!

No one to tell you not to eat pizza for breakfast, no one to tell you not to stay up until 3 in the morning, no one to tell you when you start to smell from not showering.

There is a bit of a rebellion that happens when you move out of the childhood home. A period of time when you test the waters of total freedom.

Eventually, you realize that these habits that you are adopting during your young adult life are not going to be sustainable for success. So, you start building new habits and new routines that you can call your own.

By the time your are fully grown and in the job market, trying to make your way in the world, you have created a routine for yourself that gets you by. You earn an alright wage, you found someone you like and can imagine a life with, you start thinking about building a family and buying a house and pretty soon you are stuck in the same routine for twenty years, wondering how to create more time for fun and joyful things that can make life more exciting and thrilling. At least, that's where I am at 42 years old.

I never looked around and wondered what I could be doing on a daily basis to make my life different, more fulfilling and more satisfying. That is, until I began to look at my habits.

I started to go through my day and look at where I could be making improvements.

I spent far too much time watching television.

I didn't spend enough time on creating healthy meals for myself or my family.

I never took any time to work on what I loved to you, like write and create!

This blog has taken me years of back and forth to work on with any amount of passion or possibility.

I hit the snooze button multiple times in a morning, making it very difficult for me to get out of bed.

So, I decided to make a change...a for real change. I made a habit tracker and I take a few minutes every day to color in the blocks that I had completed that day. This way I get to see my progress and accomplishments for the month.

I thought about the habits or parts of my routine that would give me more success, more physical energy, more time with my family and less time in front of a screen mindlessly watching or scrolling.

I believe anyone can do this and make a difference in the way they feel and the way they live. With a little encouragement and a little confidence in seeing your progress, changing habits can become life long ingrained parts of or goal-reaching processes.

My progress with my habits will be posted intermittently along with the habit tracker I use and the list of habits that I have chosen to tackle for this month.

If I have convinced you how beneficial it is, jump in with me!

Just hit subscribe and I will send you the free printable habit tracker for November!!!

Jenn XO

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