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Why You Need a Life Coach

life coaching

Life coaches can change your life and here's how:

Life coaches are your own personal cheering squad. They create connection and safety as you navigate the more demanding and unsure parts of life; those parts you want to change but can't seem to find the traction to make any lasting impact.

A life coach is someone you create a partnership with to make improvements and hold your hand while you find the growth and confidence you long for. They will be your mirror as you dig into the recesses of where you are stuck and help you emerge better and more determined to get to your goals.

They can be your best friend, your sounding board, your voice of reason, your accountability partner, your determination, they can help you put your life in drive. They will drive you to do those things you have been afraid to do.

A coach won't judge you and won't tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing, they will help you find the right path for YOU to achieve your goals and reach your dreams, because not everyone is made to walk the same path.

How is a life coach different from therapy or counselling?

Coaching is a completely different process from counselling or therapy. The two can definitely complement one another. Where as therapy digs into the past and tries to figure out why, a life coach will dig into the present and figure out, why not?

Coaching is to help you move forward and discover your purpose and figure out to how you can reach your true potential and beyond. Therapy is for insight into who you are as an individual and change your inner state so you can be happier or calmer or a better spouse, etc.

Why would I pay for such a service?

Coaching is becoming a very popular service and more people are seeing the value in having someone who will keep you accountable and give valuable insight. It is one thing to talk to friends and family who may not necessarily push you or be completely honest with you. A coach will always create a non-judgmental space where you can be open and honest, where it's only about you and what you wish to accomplish.

Coaches can create a new way of thinking and viewing the world through collaboration and ideas to open your mind and your heart, to overcome your blocks and challenges. You will reach new levels in your ambition and potential. Who wouldn't want that?

Many very successful people use coaches. A few are;

Oprah Winfrey, Jen Sincero (author), Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO), Bill Gates, Christiano Ronaldo (footballer), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), and Bill Clinton

There are many more who would be on this list but to sum up, life coaches are the people who will quiet the nagging voice in your head that tells you you aren't good enough, that you aren't capable, that there are too many obstacles. They will push you forward when your brain and your thoughts are holding you where you are. Don't you want to move forward and finally achieve something phenomenal? You are worth it. Don't believe for a second that you're not.



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