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Top 10 Self-Improvement Books/Influencers

When I was 35 years old, my husband and I separated. I had a four-year-old son and I had no where to go besides to move back in with my parents. It was a tumultuous time for all of us and none of us left unscathed. Self-improvement books and influencers are what helped me through.

Where I live there is not much opportunity for therapy or counselling. It is very difficult to come by in my area. I was trying to put my life back together and bring more positivity into my life.

What it comes down to is that I was trying to manifest what I wanted rather than resisting what was falling upon me.

I found my way through this and came out on the other side where I am the happiest, most creative, most appreciative, most outgoing, most ambitious I have ever been, even with a chronic illness taken up in my body.

I did this through reading and educating myself with books, podcasts, videos from the most inspiring minds of the twenty-first century.

Here I will list the ten top inspirational books and/or influencers that I need to credit with my change in thinking and being in the world.

This book helped me begin to believe that if I truly believe in myself and my abilities anything is possible. A person needs complete faith and persistence to succeed. This is true in every aspect in your life and not synonymous with career and financial success.

I couldn’t choose just one book or one video or one podcast from Abraham Hicks. Abraham is unconventional and may be a bit too far-fetched for some but their teachings are undeniably useful. They are the basis for spiritual belief and self-compassion. I recommend any of their teaching methods or novels to anyone who is looking to manifest what they want into their lives. They will give you no-nonsense advice to get there in as little steps as possible.

This is a well-known author who has many followers for a reason. He is what many will aspire to as someone who can live in the now without worrying about the future or being depressed or influenced by the past. His story is inspiring and he speaks with knowing and tolerance.

Joe Dispenzaa had a large influence on my life. His book ‘Becoming Supernatural’ and videos of interviews he has given on Youtube or any podcast medium, has inspired me to become a meditator. He melds the supernatural with the logics of physics. Listening to him makes you wonder how you could ever question the unknowns of the universe as he describes metaphysics.

This was a book that stuck with me for a long time. She introduced me to the idea of being a sensitive person and opening my eyes to energy vampires. I always wondered why crowds and people I am close to affect my mood and how I am feeling. Sensitive people can absorb the vibrations of those around them. She also gives advice to guard yourself against these people. This particular book guides you to surrender to some situations of life and not fight so hard against them. Fighting causes a lot of discord and we are trying to accomplish a peacefulness in our lives.

Wayne is another influencer I could not choose just one novel or speech from. He is a wonderful soul who has not passed on but his work remains just as relevant. His book ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ is probably my favorite. You can also find many of his books in audio on youtube and speeches he had made on different tours. He also on spotify.

The title speaks for itself. This book is an inspiration to anyone who is failing to take action on their dreams. Jen believes in just doing it and believing in yourself so much that failure is not an option. You do it until.

I love all of Brene Brown’s work. I learned to be more tolerant and understanding not only to others, but to myself from Brown’s writings. I also loved her Ted talk and her documentary on Netflix, ‘The Call to Courage’.

Bishop is a tell it like it is kind of guy. I like him because of this. His book is also about putting down the doubts and just doing what you want to do. I am a big overthinker so action is not always my strong suit. This book helped me to see that is only myself who is holding me back.

Clear is a master at setting oneself up for success. The power of habit is stronger than one would think. Creating good habits for yourself will weed the bad habits out. Good habits lead to feeling better, leads to more energy, more self-confidence and more success, veritably.

These books/influencers are very important to my self-awareness journey. I credit myself as well for putting in all the work to become the person I am today. I would not have made it here if it weren’t on the shoulders of those who learned the lessons before me.

I hope you can find your inspiration in one or more of these works.

Take care out there.



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